Monday, 30 July 2012

Kind Bars-Larabar

hey :) i am from the uk and recovering from anorexia and i realllyyy wanted to try out lara and kind bars they look so yummy and a great way for me to build up my calories in a day... :) do you know if there is anywhere online i can purchess these bars from ? thanks :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello (: Congrats on recovering! I’m happy for you! Maybe, hopefully, these websites will work for you! You can buy from The Better Health Store - Larabar or the larabarstore! They are in dollars here and I’m not sure if the larabar store has a UK based website so you don’t have to convert money, but probably not. If these websites do allow shipping to the UK, then the money should just automatically covert when you buy it. If not, just google “buy larabars online” or something along those lines (: If none of that works out, I’m sure they have something similar there that will work for you! read more..

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